Hi my name is Trudy Trujillo and I am a Master Reiki Practitioner/Teacher.  I began my journey in spiritual healing long before I knew of Reiki, my family comes from a long line of healers back in Puerto Rico where my parents were born. My grandfather was known as a Curandero; which means healer.  He healed with his hands and from the stories I’ve heard he was one of the most powerful and sought after by many people. It is no wonder that when I was first introduced to Reiki I immediately felt that is was a very natural and easy method for me to engage in.  It resonated with me on a spiritual level, it’s in my lineage.

My DNA is composited of Healer, therefore allowing me to embrace and become certified in Reiki I, II and level III, level III being a Reiki Master Practitioner and Teacher.  In 2015, I opened my practice and am currently practicing in Medford NY.   I am moving forward with my passion to help heal, bring peace, relaxation and the many other positive aspects of Reiki to my clients daily while offering sessions in a very loving serene environment.  


NEW for 2017:  We are currently offering Level I, II and III Usui Reiki classes, Raindrop technique and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).


A friend of mine recently started to practice reiki, an ancient Japanese practice that is said to help heal the mind, body and soul. It focuses of energies of the chakras, certain areas of your body such as the head, heart, throat and feet. Speaking to her and doing my own research I was able to get a better understanding of its benefits. Turns out there are many health benefits to follow and numerous hospitals and doctors are adopting the practice to help with their patients.  Click here for the complete review of my research and experience.

Dara Pratt

I knew nothing about Reiki, but I was very open minded to whatever I received from it. Trudy explained, “In Gina terms” exactly what the process would be. Her studio was very calming and soothing, a place where anyone could feel comfortable. Anyone who knows me knows that anything that has to do with mind, body and spirit usually isn’t for me, as I am a stressed out, over worked and always tired person. That said, within the first 5 minutes I immediately felt my body relax, something that many times takes hours!  Once I closed my eyes I was a goner.  I cannot really explain the relaxed state that I was in as it was something I had really never experienced before, even after many, many massages in my life. My mind took me somewhere that was peaceful and quite lovely. I felt clear-headed and at peace. My body sank into the table I was on and I honestly didn’t want the feeling to end. I never once moved, blinked, scratched where I thought I had an itch, nothing!! I laid there in complete relaxation. When the time was up and I opened my eyes, which took me a few minutes, I looked at Trudy and said the first thing that came to my mind……”I feel like I am in cement”! That was how calm and relaxed I was after this experience. I felt great! My body felt fresh, my mind wasn’t cloudy. My only wish is that it would last longer than a few days! Last thing I want to say is if you are considering Reiki, do not wait any longer. And if you are like me who has never experienced Reiki, do it now!!!!! You won’t regret it!!!!

Gina Coleman